After graduating in college and being a working adult, you may be planning on living alone. This time there would be no parents to sustain you, and no roommates and dorm mates for company.

You love your roommates, of course, but at a certain age before marriage, you would always have that kind of feeling and sense of wonder about what does it feel like living completely alone and being fully independent.

Living alone could be strange especially when you are used to having company at first. You would wake up alone, eat alone, and sleep alone. However, over time, you will see yourself getting more comfortable. In fact, after marriage, you even may miss the `time of solitude

The following are the discussions about what makes living alone positive and negative. If you have plan on renting an apartment, there are apartments for rent in Brickell that you may want to try.

The Benefits of Living Alone

1. Your guests can stay whenever they want so long as they are permitted by you – this is one of the best things of having your own place. You can invite anyone you want, but you have all the authority to control passage and time limits. When you are ready for a company, you may invite some friends. If you want to have time alone, you can have it all you want.

2. You come home to a clean space

Roommates are great but when you are very particular to your things and mess, you may want to avoid their company and want to live alone. Living alone means you have all the control when it comes to your things and dirt. Having people may mean going home to piled-up dishes and laundry.

3.No drama

Living with people means interacting 

cryptomix with different attitudes and sometimes, it causes misunderstandings and issues. Living alone means not having to experience any drama from anyone and you have all the control of how things will go in the apartment. You become your own responsibility.

The Drawback of Living Alone

1.You do all the chores

Living alone means a huge responsibility on your side as you will need to do everything in the apartment without help, compared to having roommates which can help you by taking a turn in washing the dishes and getting rid f the garbage


When accidents happen in your apartment like being choked, or even intrusion, you are on your own, compared to having people in the room that could help you.

3.Coming home to an empty apartment

Even though roommates can be a little bit messy, but the laughter and the fun you can have ith them can b priceless, unless you have a bad experience with your roommates in the past. Your roommates can be your brothers and sisters that could understand your struggles at work or at school. You can even help one another when someone needs it

Final thoughts

The pros and cons may not be the same to everyone as we have our own preferences when it comes to having personal space and living independently. If you want to enjoy life before getting married, then it is probably the time to move away and be fully free.